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Quut Beach Set - Triplet

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Fancy a game of skill and throwing at the beach or in the garden? or want to make original sand sculptures? With this beach set everything becomes possible! The Quut Triplet is the perfect playmate for the beach, the park or any outdoor adventure. The set consists of a Triplet, a Ringo and a Magic Shaper. The Triplet can be used as a shovel, rake, sieve, cone and more. The Ringo is the most versatile and compact petanque game ever invented. Combine the Triplet and the Ringo and… ..hop this is a nifty game of skill and throwing. . And as a little extra: a magic mold with which you can create real wonders in the sand. In short, a combination of games and unlimited fun! And all in a super practical beach bag.

Multifunctional toys: 100 play possibilities
Encourages imagination and creativity
Use on the beach, in the garden, on sand tables or even in the bathtub!
Safe to use and super easy to clean
Made of durable, recyclable plastic
And all in a super practical beach bag.