Birthdays in The Playroom

Book your birthday in The Playroom at The Imagination Space!

Our basic party includes 2 hours of private use of the Party Room, with shared access to The Playroom. Our private party room has a maximum seated capacity of 12 people, we cannot accommodate groups larger than 12 in our standard party package. 

For private rental inquiries, including larger group birthdays, school trips, or special events, please email us at We'd love to work with you to create the perfect event! 

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Is food/drink included or permitted at our birthday party?

Food and drink is welcome, but must remain within the party room, and is not included in your party rental. We have many awesome local options for pizza delivery, or feel free to bring your favourites from home! We choose not to provide food options due to allergies and storage restrictions. 

2) What if I have more than 12 guests?

Due to the size of our party room, we cannot accommodate groups larger than 12. The party fee includes admission for up to 12 children, so please keep in mind our capacity limits when forming guest lists, and factor in any grownups that may want to stay for the duration of your party. We welcome adults to accompany your guests, but cannot provide seating space for more than 12 at a time. 

3) Do you offer any special activities for parties?

While we have offered craft options in the past, the size and layout of our new location does not lend itself well to those options anymore. We have found with experience that The Playroom is plenty of fun and keeps kids entertained nicely for the duration of your party. We have lots of different ways to play within The Playroom, feel free to reach out if you'd like a tour before booking! 

4) What age range is a party in The Playroom suitable for?

We don't set a standard age limit on who may visit The Playroom, but it is geared for children who enjoy pretend play, creative play, and/or sensory play. The average age of our visitors is between 2-6, but we have many older children who still enjoy the space on a case by case basis! 

5) Can I rent out the entire space for my group?

Private rentals are available, outside of our regular business hours, subject to our personal availability. All standard rules for food and drink, and Playroom rules apply to private rentals. All food and drink must remain in the existing party room, which still has a capacity of 12 seated guests at one time. Email us at for more information.