Rules of The Playroom

Rule 1. Clean, closed toed indoor shoes are preferred in the Playroom for all visitors (adults included).  Bare feet will not be permitted entry. Socks are available to purchase for children, but not adults.  Please plan your visit accordingly.

Rule 2. Children visiting The Playroom are the sole responsibility of their accompanying adults.  Please supervise the children in your care to ensure safe and compatible play with other children.

Rule 3.  Any snacks or drinks must be consumed while seated at the designated snack tables in the welcome room, and we ask that you try to avoid leaving food messes behind as it travels into The Playroom. Travelling food damages toys and can be an allergy risk for future visitors. Adults are permitted beverages and are invited to enjoy our complimentary tea and coffee - being mindful of spill-risks in The Playroom. **Children may not chew gum in The Playroom at all, thank you.**

Things to Know Before You Play

No travelling toys or equipment between play stations, please. Removing toys from their homes results in lost or damaged items, as well as leaving play areas without materials for play. 

  • Lava floor tiles may not be picked up or moved within The Playroom
  • Play dough and tools may not leave the play dough station/tables. Please return play dough to jars before moving on to play elsewhere
  • Magnet Tiles at the top of the climbing structure must remain at the top of the climber - they are not baby-safe if broken.  Please do not allow children to put them down the slide to mitigate this risk
  • Lego pieces and creations must stay on the Lego wall or Lego Table to keep crawling babies safe from the small pieces
  • Arts and crafts materials should not leave the crafting station, keeping scissors, glue and markers out of wandering hands

Sensory materials available for play that may not be suitable for all ages, and require adult supervision. This includes play dough, art materials, and construction toys.

With our arts and crafts areas and sensory play, playtime in The Playroom can be messy! Please wear clothing with mess in mind.