Rules of The Playroom

Rule 1. Clean indoor shoes are required in the Playroom for all visitors (adults included).  **Small sized grippy socks (fits approximately ages 2-5) are available for purchase in-store for those who forget.

Rule 2. Children visiting The Playroom are the sole responsibility of their accompanying adults.  Please supervise the children in your care to ensure safe and compatible play with other children.

Rule 3. Any snacks or drinks must be consumed while seated at the large tables in the back, and we ask that you try to avoid leaving food messes behind as it interferes with our cleaning routine between groups. Travelling food damages toys and can be an allergy risk for future visitors. **Children may not chew gum in The Playroom at all, thank you.**

Things to Know Before You Play

Sand Land is an enclosed space within The Playroom.  An adult must accompany/supervise children at all times within Sand Land. All of the toys in Sand Land are to remain inside the enclosure, and no toys outside of Sand Land may enter.  Don't worry, there's lots to play with inside Sand Land!  **ABSOLUTELY NO BARE FEET IN SAND LAND**

With our arts and crafts areas and Sand Land, playtime in The Playroom can be messy! Crafting aprons are available, but please wear clothing with mess in mind.

Sanitation occurs between each group of visitors and periodically throughout the day as needed. Please see our COVID Updates page for information about our cleaners.