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Yookidoo Spin 'n' Sprinkle Water Lab

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STEM comes to life with the pure power of water! This wacky mad-science lab sets off an exciting chain reaction of 10 surprising water sprays and endless curiosity – for budding scientists and water babies alike.

  • Attach the water lab to the tub with the suction cups, fill the test tube with water – with or without the help of the metered marks of measurement on it – and pour it into a funnel. Then watch the mysterious effects unfold with just the power of water!

  • Pour water into the detachable funnel and set the googly eyes into motion.

  • Pour into the other funnel and set the dial spinning.

  • Watch the water flow out from beneath the dial and magically spring out from the 10 holes in the pipeline.

  • Point out to your child the chain reaction as the lab is activated.

  • Follow the stream of water as it flows out from under the googly eyes, from one side of the pipeline to the other, and spins the propeller.

  • The water lab attaches to the tub for easy play and storage.