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Oogi Family by MOLUK

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We really love the OOgi range. There's something uniquely cute about a little bunch of aliens, suckering their way around the universe! They are also guaranteed to inspire creativity in everyone they meet - from tot to teenager (and tired parents, too).The OOgis roam the world on any smooth surface, thanks to suckers on all limbs - and fantastically stretchy arms. Sucker them all over the place, sucker them to the bath, to windows (especially on car journeys!) and sucker them to themselves. The options are endless and your kids' imagination will be too.This happy family comes with two big OOgi folk & two OOgi juniors - ideal for playing out sucker-related games, sibling rivalry, office politics, etc :) Once you've started suckering you won't be able to stop. What's in the box? 2 x Moluk OOgi Junior 2 x Moluk OOgi INFO & CARE: Food grade silicone rubber BPA free, Phthalate free & latex free Wipe cleanDishwasher safe