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  • erzi water and marble run (15pc) regular
  • erzi water and marble run (15pc)
  • erzi water and marble run (15pc)
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Erzi Water and Marble Run (15pc)

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Flowing water or rolling marbles are making their way from top to bottom. Whether winter or summer, in the room or in the sandbox - this product can be anytime, anywhere inspire children. Erzi's water and marble run is an excellent open-ended play piece. Add a small dam and it brings the marble to a stop or causes the water to overflow. Small holes along the wooden courses are perfect for inserting for small sticks or flowers to make the road even more creative. Larger holes can marbles or water disappear and disappear onto a second plane.

7 marble courses of wood; 4 wooden plates; 1 cork stopper; 3 marbles from wood and glass