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Stak by OPPI

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Stak is ​​an open ended, modular construction game that engages children's creativity .

The aim of the game ? Absolute freedom: create and reproduce all possible and unimaginable ideas. Planning, fine motor skills and creativity are the keys to creating incredible constructions.

4 ways to play:

Guided Stacking

Assemble the tower, taking care to place all the pieces in the correct order. To help you, use the line as a guide!

Free play

No rules! Play as you want with the pieces!


Put the pieces in order! From smallest to biggest, from biggest to smallest, by color, by shape... all methods will be good to learn classification

Water Play!

Thanks to the small holes in the pieces, Stak will also be your new toy for the bath or on the beach. Pouring water, pouring sand or even creating moulds, everything is possible with Stak!