Life Gears Academy Summer Camp

Life Gears Academy Summer Camp

We are so excited to host summer camps here at The Imagination Space in partnership with Life Gears Academy based in Guelph.  Registration is open at Life Gears Academy for each camp.  REGISTER HERE

Camp Themes:

Magic STEM

Ever felt like STEM is full of magic? This week you’ll learn some magic tricks and optical illusions with the help of STEM! On top of that, you will learn awesome science experiments!

Nature Explorers

If you think insects, animals, plants, and digging in the dirt is awesome, then this is the camp for you! This camp will be spent mostly outdoors exploring everything about nature and our Earth!

Girl STEMpowerment

Empowering young women to realize their potential and to discuss their presence in STEM fields. This is designed for anyone who identifies as a girl and who wants to come together with other girls to discuss ways that they can make a difference.

Young Engineers

Explore different types of Engineering while learning what it takes to problem solve and make inventions of their own. Join us for a week of designing and building while thinking about how we could use STEM to make improvements.

Jr. Lab Scientists

This week is filled with science experiments, fun games and activities that will spark your excitement and love for the science of chemistry and physics!


Ever wondered how the worlds of Art and STEM overlap? This week you will find out while you explore various topics and combine STEM projects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) with Art!

Crafts & Games

This week is filled with fun and games inside and outside where you even get to make your own game to keep! You will also get to learn about art and create awesome crafts!